Steven M. Markow is an author, visual artist, and comedian from New Jersey. He is active in the NYC art and comedy communities, and his work is often dark, strange, and funny.


What is your medium of choice?
Video, especially VHS and Mini DV for their warm distortions and in-camera effects.

Describe your creative process (i.e. brainstorming, sketches, etc.).
I usually carry around an idea until feels more or less full, at least enough to improvise with, and then try to complete it as immediately as possible.

Where do you get most of your creative work done?
I prefer writing in crowded areas, and everything else in the quiet privacy of an empty room.

Is there a particular theme or concept you’re working with at the moment?
Experimenting with ways of making comedy with avant-garde art concepts.

Who are some of your creative inspirations?
Albert Ayler, John Cleese, William Klein

Who would be your dream collaboration, living or dead?
Sketch comedy revue with Jarry, Artaud, Ionesco, Beckett, and David Lynch, with soundtrack by Sun Ra and Miguel Tomasin

Suicide Note 2

Today is a strong day because the sun is here
There is a woman in the front seat drawing a picture of her mother

I have a cup of garbage which needs to go into the garbage
There is a strong presence of something here around here

The autumn is in the soft part before the heavy part
There are too many cars on the street to count even though it is a small street

The children are somewhere important and many of the adults
There are some who are on the phone pretending to be somewhere too

Wearing bright colors to remind people that they have not been hit by cars
Wearing dark colors to remind people that their arms can carry the heavy

Suicide Note 7

It is the fall and I am not sleeping

Steven Markow’s illustration “Jabberwock” and his story “Another Hole” were published in The Insomniac Propagandist: Ruminations of an Expatriate.

This has been the third installment in our series of Contributor Spotlights, highlighting the talented artists and writers that were published in our first volume of TIP. More to come!