fake cloud garden hoseCrystal Heiden has a BFA in Sculpture from Maine College of Art and a MFA from Northwestern University in Art Theory and Practice. She is a maker of most things and can likely figure out the rest if given enough time. She also desires to stand in every time zone at once.

What is your medium of choice?
In drawing I primarily use water based media on paper. As long as it is not inherently toxic I will use it. But in my practice as a whole I will use whatever suits the needs of the piece.

Describe your creative process (i.e. brainstorming, sketches, etc.).
My process involves a lot of trial and error, walking in circles, drinking tea, and multiple seemingly false starts.
sketch of cloud mirrior work
Where do you get most of your creative work done?
Physically at the studio but mentally in the long quiet moments of travel.

Is there a particular theme or concept you’re working with at the moment?
Right now I am playing with LED lights and somehow incorporating them into the sculpture since I have been drawing a lot of lights lately.
cloud to the last drop and minions
Who do you hope connects with your work?
Anyone really. I make the work I need to make.

Who are some of your creative inspirations?
Not sure, too many to list.

Are there any specific places you go to feel inspired (i.e. museums, coffee shops, etc.)?
I feel the most inspiration when I am at estate sales and the type of antique shop that is so packed full of stuff that it is mostly overwhelming but you cannot stop looking for treasure.

Who would be your dream collaboration, living or dead?
I would like to say NASA which is more of an entity than a person because I would like to make art in Zero Gravity.
mirrior stones reflection 2
Do you or do you want to explore other means of expression?
I do a bit of everything already but I would like to be able to work with video and audio better.

Are you Harry Potter/a vampire?
A vampire but not the sparkly variety or eating of small children variety.

Do you listen to any music while working on your art? If so, who?
When I am in the middle of a piece I don’t hear the music but when I am just starting I do listen. I have been really into Sylvan Esso, Future Islands, and Volcano Choir lately. Though sometimes I just Pandora some funk.

To see more of Crystal’s work, visit her website at www.crystalheiden.com.

This has been the first in our series of Contributor Spotlights, highlighting the talented artists and writers that were published in our first volume of The Insomniac Propagandist: Ruminations of an Expatriate. Stay tuned for more!

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