“The Economy of Time” by Aaron B. Jackson

I am time

Beyond myself I roam
Through the landscapes of lonesome misery
Recalling the endless saga of…

Clawing for a piece of the pie
That is comfort.
In the form of…

A journey that passes all realms of insanity.
Bitterly traveling the outskirts of humanity.

Through the relations
Of this nation’s
Phony elongations
Of all sensations
A policy of mental mass probation
How can one rise to the status of constellation?
When drowning in life’s condensation.
Perhaps there will be a day when the compilation
Of one’s mind
Can shine divine
And escape the toll of time.

This has been “The Economy of Time” by Aaron B. Jackson, part of our “Lost in Time” Sleepless Stories Series.

Aaron B. Jackson is a poet and writer. His poems have appeared in multiple publications including The Bark Magazine, Instigatorzine, Fat City Review and Runaway Parade, his work is also in many anthologies including Like One: Poems for Boston, Seeing Past Sickness, and works from Kattywompus Press and Cloud City Press. He is the former Poet Laureate of Jersey City, NJ (2005-06) and has twice been the recipient of grants from the Puffin Foundation. As a performer he has written and starred in an ad campaign for the Partnership for a Drug Free America and he also served as one of three poetry fellowship judges for the Connecticut Office of the Arts in 2013. Currently he is the Director of Visual Merchandising for the Strand Book Store. For more info please visit middlepoet.com