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“Heaven, 1969″ by John Henry Williams

They WILL get past Neptune someday. Then we’re done. It doesn’t matter when. A thousand of their years is barely a day. I made them lesser beings, but they’re lucky and I can only deceive them up to a point. I should have done things differently. This time tomorrow, they will know everything. 

John Henry Williams is an extremely talented renaissance man and New York lifer, with a weird streak five miles wide. *

*Bio by Editor Allison Fabian.


“A Dragon’s Lament” By George Yorns

Yearning for placidity, I slumber upon my loot. Yet they still come. I am old and withered, no more interest in pillage. Yet they still come. I flaunt the scorched husk of each Champion, a cautioning for the next. Yet they still come. My demise is inevitable, you impatient fools.

This has been “A Dragon’s Lament” by George Yorns, Story Three in Sleepless Stories Series Two – The Invader Series

George R. Yorns is an aspiring writer and satirist living in New York City. Follow him on Twitter @cerebralsnark.


“What We Were Not Expecting” by Gari Hart

When their vessels first landed we believed they were benign explorers.  Their proposal for merging our species into one harmonious community interested us; we handed them anything they asked for.  We only discovered later for ourselves, well after the invasion was irrepressible, the ruin they had caused to their Earth.

This has been “What We Were Not Expecting” by Gari Hart, Story Two in Sleepless Stories Series Two – The Invader Series.

Gari Hart is a Chicago based freelance writer/editor, sometimes musician, partial artist, and infrequent actor. His creative writing ranges from novels and novelettes to poetry and flash fictions. See more from Gari at www.garihart.com


“The Roaches” by Hannah Sage Campbell

These spaces were our home. Now they are poisoned, shuddering frequencies. We are baited, lured away from safety by sweetness and unearthly delicacies, kingdoms lost for a crumb.

My children—their faces—when they hear the key in the lock, or sense the light flicking on. Our home is fear.

This has been “The Roaches” by Hannah Sage Campbell, Story One  of The Invader Series, Series Two of Sleepless Stories.

Hannah Sage Campbell reads, writes, edits, and battles cockroaches in Brooklyn, NY. 


Sleepless Stories: Series Two

This Wednesday June 11th, The Insomniac Propagandist is proud to present The Invader Series- Series Two in Sleepless Stories! Series Two consists of a variety of flash fiction (of fifty words maximum) and illustrated depictions of a creature disturbed by an invasion. The artists’ interpretations are brilliant and varied.

We are still accepting submissions for this Series until Friday June 13th for those interested.
E-mail all submissions to TheInsomniacPropagandist@gmail.com

Check back Wednesday evening at 8:30 EST for Hannah Sage Campbell’s “The Roaches”!