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Steven Markow’s Flash Fiction

“Birthday Clown”

Although a birthday clown for thirty years, this time Gumpo blanks on the words to the third line of the song. When the time comes, he mumbles something that sounded like, “It’s your birthday Mr. Fun Kid.” No one notices.

“Secret Depths”

Standing at the edge of an opening in the earth, of secret depths, of what at the bottom, a town, the body of a dead something? His nose drips.

“Author at the Mall”

The author of the book is at the mall. His book lies in his room, unfinished. He is twirling in the food court, clicking his tongue, trying to decide. His book lies in his room, unwritten. An obese man falls. Help is on the way. The book lies in his room, empty.

Steven M. Markow is a mixed media artist active in the Nothing Space art collective in Brooklyn. You can find more from Steven at cargocollective.com/stevenmmarkow and nothingspace.org/steven-markow. Steven had two pieces published in The Insomniac Propagandist Vol. I Ruminations of Expatriates.