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“Midtown Crosshairs” by Brian Alvarado

Circa- 2:00 AM,

Circa- the West 50s,

and yet impedimentary

flows of traffic persist,

mostly droves of

taxi-worker drones

finally calling it quits.

The transcendent traverse

of shame and defeat

is always an undesirable one.

Because going crosstown then (or anywhere for that matter)

was indicative of specific resolutions.

The internal wake-up call—

the hand spent too long on

the surface of the most

hellacious of stoves,

the reminder that in this dog-eat-
cat-eat-dog-and-cat world,

slow and steady skims the lace,

and ultimately,

the nicest of predators

do finish last.

This has been “Midtown Crosshairs” by Brian Alvarado.

Brian Alvarado is a sonnet, opera, and craft beer enthusiast born and raised in the Bronx, NY.


“molten mud” by Kirk Griffith

in this night

you seem to me

to be modest as mud

malleable as molten glass

caked with rich earth

encased in barbed wire

holy offering of surrender

upon this field of primal battle

and as i follow you down

into the depth of your longing

you summit the swollen heights

of our shared pinnacle of pleasure

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