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PHOTOS: Eero Saarinen’s TWA Flight Center


“All the curves, all the spaces and elements right down to the shape of the signs, display boards, railings and check-in desks were to be of a matching nature. We wanted passengers passing through the building to experience a fully-designed environment, in which each part arises from another and everything belongs to the same formal world.” — Eero Saarinen

For this year’s Open House New York, Eero Saarinen’s TWA Flight Center opened its doors to the public for what may be the last time before it likely becomes repurposed as a hotel lobby. First opened in 1962, the building is an iconic piece of modern architecture, a sweeping concrete structure reminiscent of a bird taking flight. Red flows through the interior space, the color of defunct airline TWA. Saarinen’s design is a testament to a time when air travel was becoming potential for a mass market. The nature of flight and speed is reflected in every detail from the curves of the seating area, the intricate mosaic tiles covering the floor, and the futuristic flight times board. It is a building to not only be looked at, but experienced.

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