Selected Works by Elle Kennedy

Tori’s Kandy Dream II

I am a 23 year old British based artist seeking to document my experience of being transgender within a rapidly changing British society. I consider my work to be mixed media and conceptual. In addition to this I seek to illustrate the transgender experience internationally, notably within countries and societies which persecute the LGBTQ community.

Kennedy Elle Athens is Burning
Athens is Burning

I also seek to communicate the current climate of austerity specifically how this is impacting on twenty some things in the UK. In creating my pieces I utilize methods which communicate chaos, frenzy and disposability. I hope to communicate the highs and lows of the transgender experience, whilst drawing attention to human rights abuses internationally, for example the persecution of the trans community in Greece.

Kennedy Elle Real Girls Egg vs pistol
Real Girls Egg vs. Pistol

By toying with sexualized aesthetics I seek to toy with, negotiate and disrupt the male gaze, therefore my work has a voyeuristic nature whilst referencing ‘selfie’ and vanity culture.  My opinions around ‘otherness’ and patriarchy are suggested in my work and come from my real life experiences and the experiences of people around me. Having recently graduated in fashion and dress history at Brighton University, I like to explore different colour palettes, and styling options to reference aspects of art and fashion history that interest me. Be it ‘trash culture’ German expressionism or the aesthetics of popular culture from the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Kennedy Elle Real Girls. Real Girls take it
Real Girls Take It

Kennedy Elle Make Tori Scream
Make Tori Scream

Kennedy Elle Austerity Anal Tori seeks a sugadaddy
Austerity Anal Tori Seeks a Sugadaddy

Elle Kennedy is a 24 year old UK based artist seeking to document the experience of being transgender within a rapidly changing British society. Elle has studied art practice and graduated from Brighton University in 2014 having studied art and fashion history. Elle is currently pursuing a career within the arts and the mental health sector.

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