“perception is anything” by Peter Beda


K. is a lonely boy
doesn’t see too many people
always in his room
smoking weed, playing poker

he doesn’t remember
where he puts things

he barely leaves the house
works hard and saves money
talks a lot, most of it imaginary
troubles ahead

in the outside world
a solitary child is waiting
for Big Brother to come home

T. stumbles through life
not knowing
what to do
or how

he runs around making mistakes
doesn’t pay his debts
likes to victimize himself
to avoid persecution

without a sense of destination
or self-reflection
he hides from the painful
truth, laughing

(he’s a fun guy to be with)

at the end of each year
his father gives him
thousands in cash
and sets the counter to zero

I wouldn’t take him
to a battlefield

I’m somewhere
between the lines
thinking too much
and doing too little

rarely lazy
and often

perception is everything
is what they say

I write and sing
but need more discipline
to bring home
the victory

we are all over 35 years
living in a big house
with a young black queen

yet this is not
Villa Borghese
or Paris in the thirties

our Depression goes deeper
it numbs the soul of real artists
who feel there is nothing left to say
as all the others
just do something

a sensual, free and open mind
struggles with absurdity
we have pollution in 2010
and the end of the world

somehow, something
went terribly wrong

there are many of us
watching the years
go by.

This has been “Perception is Anything” by Peter Beda, the seventh installment of our Fractured Retina series.

Peter Beda

Creative. Writer. Rebel.


Peter Beda graduated from the University in Ghent in 2000, with a degree in Comparative Cultural Sciences, and has build a career in Communication, Press, Events and PR. Singer, MC, Deejay, Writer (under the alias 72 Soul or Pierre Citron).