Volume I Contributors:

Pedro Gordo - “You Can Never Go Home”
Pedro Gordo is a graphic artist and filmmaker based in Brooklyn, NY.

Allison Fabian – “Escapist Dream Walk Parts I and II”

Danny Pegarsch – “Cobbler’s Lament”

Ali Seradge – “Soft Suede”

Sarah Lerner – “Who I Wanted”

Steven Markow – “Jabberwock” and “Another Hole”
Steven M. Markow is a mixed media artist active in the Nothing Space art collective in Brooklyn.

You can find more from Steven at and

Michael Alpiner - “House Noises”
Michael Alpiner, a resident of Queens, NY, has been a teacher/professor for 26 years. His work appears in online, print journals and anthologies, most notably, Blood to Remember: American Poets on the Holocaust.

Crystal Heiden – “Unknown Shell Mountain” and “Mountain Roof Lamp”
Crystal Heiden has a BFA in Sculpture from Maine College of Art and a MFA from Northwestern University in Art Theory and Practice. She is a maker of most things and can likely figure out the rest if given enough time. She also desires to stand in every time zone at once.

Natasha Friedman – “Frag. 108″

Sanbud Tehrani – “Homesafe”

Ryan Wolfe – “Reflections”

Amy Outland - “Running”
Amy Beth Outland is a freelance writer and editor with social media experience and a B.A. in English and Type: 09 teaching certification from Illinois State University. She has worked as a freelance social media writer for She has also worked as English: 101 undergraduate teaching assistant while attending Illinois State University. Amy also works as a tutor and a Guest Services Representative at Franciscan St. James Health in Olympia Fields, Illinois. She recently finished writing her debut novel, and is actively working to publish and market the manuscript. Amy has also had poems several poems published in the Chicago based fine arts journals including Exact Change Only, Prevail N Prosper, and The Insomniac Propagandist.

You can follow Amy on Twitter @amypond27 or find her on Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn.

Robert Hughes – “Expatriate”
Rob Hughes is the inventor of the Cryptomaze and lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He currently splits the year between drawing and lawn care; and asks: “When is less, more?”

S. I. Dunbar – “By Any Other Name”

Jen Klabis – “Expatriate”
I am a creative currently residing in the Windy City of Chicago. I am a research scientist by day & an artist/designer every other moment under the brand name Alice Graphix. What free time I have is spent at concerts or baseball games (Go Cubs!). I am also the organizing force behind Behance Chicago, a semi-annual portfolio review session for my fellow creatives. You can find me on most social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr) under the name AliceGraphix. Feel free to seek me out to chat, team up with or just socially stalk!

Jacob Shelton - “My Fourth Time in Seattle”
Jacob Shelton is a writer, comedian, and performance poet who  worries about lost cats, friends that he hasn’t seen in years, and bad habits. When not crawling across the country he resides in Austin, Texas or sunny California.

You can find more from Jacob at and

Andy Rohr - “Exhibit A – 2014″ and “Exhibit B – 2014″
Andy Rohr is an artist & illustrator living in Chicago.

David Satterwhite - “Tupperware”
Dave Satterwhite is a writer and musician living in Chicago. He plays drums in the band Two Houses. Hobbies include coin collecting, carpentry, birdwatching, jogging, welding and masonry, none of which interest him in the slightest.

Esther Kim - “It Blooms Pt. 2″
Esther Y. Kim is an artist and illustrator from Chicago. When not drawing, she likes to play the bass, collect buttons and high-five cats.

M. Craig – “Carbon Dating with Silver Sunshine”

Amelie Ray - “Guerrera” and “Boom Power”

Shelby Shaw - “Expat”
Shelby Shaw received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, focusing on film, video, and writing. She has worked in the film industry with Music Box Films, Tribeca Film, and IFC Films/Sundance Selects, and recently assisted director Hal Hartley on his latest film, NED RIFLE, before heading to the Cannes Film Festival. If you visit, you can follow her malchronological archiving. Shelby’s writing has also appeared in This Recording, HEAVE Media, and BrooklynVegan Chicago.

Frank Styburski - “Circle Tree Square”

Brett Mayfield - “Lost in Time’s Guiding Light”

Brett Mayfield earned his B.A. in English at the University of Iowa. His work has also been published in the The Subterranean Quarterly, Mere Fragments, and El Beisman. He currently resides in Chicago.


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