“Alone and Fading” by Elias Red

Driving along the back roads of eastern Iowa
in the dead of night,
I almost did not see it:
a thin white cross
growing from the weeds
along the road.

It appeared to hold a
name, but weather and time
had veiled
any proof of label.

The cross stood timidly in silence
from the wet soil of the ditch.

It no doubt marked the very spot
where someone had perished
years ago.

After my headlights had passed,
the proof of the cross
ever existing hissed into the night’s
thick air.
It now lives on
just as its inspiration expired:
and fading
in the damp tangle of weeds
on the side of a desolate gravel road.


This has been “Alone and Fading” by Elias Red, Story Four in Series One of Sleepless

Elias Red is a construction worker from rural Iowa, who writes outstanding, emotionally evocative poetry. He has been published in Warbing Collective, Haiku Journal, Lyric Iowa, Three Lines Poetry and Subterranean Quarterly.*

*Bio by Editor Allison Fabian